Card Counting

A strategy that is applied to the blackjack is card counting. In this, you keep a record of the proportion of high cards to low cards only through memory, without using pen or paper.

King, Queen, Jack, and Ace are the high cards. The game of blackjack is played with almost eight decks according to the house rules. Track of low and high cards are kept without using pen or paper so actual card counting need loads of practice. If you have a bit of talent then you can go a long way. Though it may sound a bit complex, yet some systems have been developed which make this system a lot easier. For those who does not posses skills of memory and math, this technique can be a lot difficult. This game depends a little on memory.

Some people even believe that only extraordinary people can learn the technique of card counting. However, this not completely true as special abilities do help, but people can learn the way of counting cards. This system can be easily taught if a player is engrossed in learning it. Or else, it will be more difficult.

Some techniques

Though you can learn card counting using the most basic method, yet you can also learn it as well as practice it through some of the other techniques that are developed by expert players over the years. Some of the card-counting techniques are:

  1. The system of The Canfield Expert uses a balanced and simple strategy. The main aim of this technique is to take advantage of playing efficiency. There are some people who have been using the strategy as if it was developed for just one deck of cards.
  2. The strategy of Hi-Low is also another level 1 policy like the Canfield Expert scheme of card counting. The level here implies the diverse values assigned to cards. If the level number is lower, the value is also less. This technique is easy to learn and perform.
  3. A level 2 system of card counting is Zen Count. This among the finest systems of this level as it is well designed and balanced for making optimized gambling decisions.

Points to take into account

Keep in mind that if there are more high cards in a deck, which have not been dealt, then it is good for a player. This increases the probabilities of hitting the Blackjack as well as gives you more opportunities of the dealer being busted. When you use card counting, the decision regarding purchasing the insurance would be better. If you will use popular card counting methods then you will be caught easily.