In gambling, the term 'Muck' has many meanings. When it comes to poker this term is used for a pile of redundant cards. Players may chuck their folded hands into this pile and the dealer may place the burned cards in this as well. Mucking of discarded cards is practiced to make sure that none of the player can dependably make out the cards that were within the folded hand.

Muck in Poker

This term is referred to an action in poker as well. Players who have not folded might take this action. In this, a player can have his hand 'mucked' if any other player tries to cast off but one or else more than one card finish up in the existing players hand. It is the main reason why a number of players would place chips or other objects on the cards.

This helps to put off errant cards from coming in their hand. At some moments, these are also referred to as the card guards or card covers. As they protect the hand of the players to keep away the delinquent cards. The meaning of the terms mainly depend on the ways they are utilized in the game and it is important to know the actual meaning of the terms.

Muck in Blackjack

Apart from the above mentioned meaning of the term 'muck', it is also used in many other ways. In some of the games, hand mucking or mucking also refers to sleight of hand. In case, this term is utilized in a game of cards then it means cheating. Through a sleight of hand a player cover up a card and remove this card from the play. This is done, so that later in the play this card can be inserted back giving the cheater an added advantage. For instance, in a game of blackjack a player who is cheating may take away an Ace.

After he removes this card from the table, he can use it the next tam, when he will be dealt a ten. This card will help the player to make a blackjack. In this way, he mucks the card and then uses it for his advantage. In this way, he can win with employing this method of mucking. Here the action of the player who cheats will be given the name of hand mucking. Therefore, the same term might be used with different meanings in different games.