Online Casinos Versus Regular Casinos

Online casinos appeared comparatively not so many years ago and gained their popularity headily. And many experts are interested in the question: will online casinos press out their ancestor? And will the regular casinos survive?

The figures show that it is impossible. For example, in 2005 the online casinos turnover was $10 billion, and only the USA land casinos turnover amounted $600 billion (this sum isn't going to decrease).

As you can see the difference is quite impressive. What is the reason for such a huge gap? First of all, online casinos visit those people, who can't go to the real gambling establishments. But they have many other opportunities: to watch the new movie, to communicate in the social network, or just spent their time in the pleasant café with friends.

The statistics states:

  • 5% of players admit gambling in online casinos to be more exciting and convenient than in classical ones;
  • 3% of gambler prefer staying anonymous, so they choose online casinos;
  • 2%of players just prefer online casinos without any reasons;
  • 1% of gamblers consider that playing in online casinos is more interesting.
  • 20% of players think, that online casinos aren't safe enough;
  • 42% like the land based casinos atmosphere and prefer playing there.

But the situation changes each year in favor of online casinos, and who knows, maybe in several tenners of years everything will be vice versa.

Reasons to Choose the Online Casinos

  1. Flexibility Reason. There is a great possibility for players to choose the most suitable online casinos for them or play on several on them.
  2. Private Gambling Reason. You can play your favorite table, slots or card games and none will interrupt you and your person will remain anonymous.
  3. Convenience Reason. There are many hints in the casinos sites, which help the novice and experienced players. The gambling process in online casinos is very convenient, because all you need to do is clicking the mouse.
  4. Bankroll Knowledge Reason. Online casinos give you a great opportunity to control your money amount, as it is visible on the screen and you know the real accessible sum.