Roulette History

The exact history of the game of roulette is not known till now and this game is masked in mystery. However, there are a number of theories in transmission. Here is a list of most of the factual and funny theories about Roulette's history. Among all one proposition about its history is that the game originated from ancient China.

The story says that Dominican monks who traveled to Europe subsequent to dealing with the Chinese brought the game with them. The word "Roulette" in French actually means a small wheel and in fact this game originated in France as we play and know it today. Blaise Pascal a French man is supposed to have created the wheel back in the 17th century.

Some of the legends

Another story says that Louis and Francois Blanc are two French brothers who concocted the roulette wheel. A segment of Roulette history tells about the way Francois Blanc apparently signed a bond with the devil for getting roulette's secrets. This tale is related to the reality that if you sum up all the numerals on the roulette wheel that 1 to 36 then the total comes to 666 and the Book of Revelation say that 666 is the numeral of Devil, Satan himself.

At the same time in the history of this game, it was gambling was unlawful in France therefore the roulette wheel moved across the boundary and went to Germany. There it settled for a short span of time. Again in Germany gambling was outlawed so the wheel moved again. This time Roulette went to Monte Carlo. Here Louis Blanc was given the duty of running the renowned Monte Carlo Casino. Since this point this game gained widespread popularity.

The later developments

Near the beginning of 1880s casinos began to get global as the game then traveled crossways the Atlantic Ocean and came to USA. Roulette once again went under some changes. A new edition of this game was developed plus the wheel was changed. The Americans added a second zero to the roulette wheel. This gave an added advantage to the casinos in America. Due to this reason, there are two different editions of Roulette that you can play.

One of the games uses an American Wheel that comes with thirty-one pockets and another game use a European Wheel that has only 30 pockets. The two editions of this game offered similar odds to the players. Another roulette game called "In Prison" is also there that is an edition of the European roulette. If the zero comes up the player get a chance to choose between giving away half of the outside bets or to carry them forward.