Casino Promotion Myths

Gambling industry is quite old and extremely popular sphere of people's entertainment activities. There exist such a variety of casino establishments that they should apply their best efforts to attract new gamblers. Players in their turn are magnetized with free offers.

One of the most popular ways of bringing people in gambling process is different offers:

  • Free drinks
  • Free dinners
  • Free living in the hotels
  • Special prizes and money offers.

Do you think that casinos do it because of their generosity? Casinos like the promotions, as they bring them new gamblers and they don't bear the losses.

Not all the promotions are equal and not all of them work as it is desired. The most profitable for players are those offering special pay offs in particular casino games.

Famous Casino Failed Promotions

One of the most famous advantageous for gamblers casino promotion offers was established in small Las Vegas casino on the blackjack game. The players were offered special token for all blackjacks (with special conditions, of course) and they quickly defined their 1, 5% advantage over the house. The casino was beaten and the promotion wasn't offered anymore.

One more failed casino promotion happened in the video poker game. The casino administration decided to pay players the double game pay for each "4 of a kind" combination of cards. In several hours they understood their mistake, as they began to lose high amounts of money and stopped the promotion.

One of the most popular and profitable casino promotions is drawing. It is a special prize offer - cash prize, a car or other offers. The gamblers should earn the chance to win this offer.

Winning Offers Chances

  • To win special blackjack ticket
  • Earn a special video poker hand
  • Earn the particular jackpot
  • Become the slots club member.

You can see that casinos offer a huge number and variety of different bonuses and promotions and it's your choice to decide whether you need them and are they worth gambling.