Slots History

People say that you can witness the first ever slot machine when you visit Liberty Belle Saloon which is in Reno, Nevada. This slot machine is called The Liberty Bell. When it comes to the slot machine, it was just a bulky device made of iron and comprises of simple symbols, which were known to pay the winners a huge amount of 50 cents. Back in 1850s 50 cents was a virtual fortune for the players. From over a century, slot machines have been around, and nowadays this machine holds an important place in every player's hearts.

Charles Fey

Prior to the invention of Liberty bell by Charles Fey, another game was there that manifested the beginning for the popularity if the slot machines. There was one game in New York that comprised of 5 steel drums along with poker hands affixed to them. Whosoever wins the elementary slots were rewarded in prizes.

Another credit that goes to Fey is the creation of classic fruit symbols known widely today. Americans became more and more worried and upset about the moral thread of the citizens that could be swayed easily into playing the crooked gambling devices. Fey was an incredibly creative man and the slots started to take the shape of harmless vending machines. The similar looking slots were so good that police as well as public got confused while identifying the machines.

It is fun to imagine how a proper, prude, and librarian try to purchase a bunch of gum and end up winning a noise jackpot accidentally. When the American government decided to end up all these, the slots suffered the time of proscription. Anti-drinking as well as anti-gambling became a trend back in 1930s.

The latest changes

Then Las Vegas Strip besides particularly Bugsy Siegel approached to rescue the slot machines. All his casinos had the main aim to take best care of their high rollers and this embraced their wives as well. As said, he used to fill up the empty spaces with slot machines to keep the player's wives amused.

The electric transformation of slot machines came in 1060s, along with blinking lights, colors and noises related to the slots. Then in 1970s came the slots with the random number generators and the computer chips. These machines account for almost 70 to 80 percent of a casino's earnings. Now you will mostly find the electronic slots, yet some have the traditional pull arm, but you play with complicated computer programs and software. Now you have a number of choices. The latest evolution is the online slots that use similar software but features hotter themes and enhanced payouts.