Here we are responsible for the safety of the personal information of our users and the privacy policy of our website is listed below:

a. We always keep secure of your personal information. We can ensure you that we use secure options to use and collect your personal information and it is our duty to protect your personal information.

b. We will not share, lease, lend or sell your personal information with third party to provide you the winnings and we will only share this information to other party if it is needed to pay the winnings. If the information is needed by the law then we can share your personal information. We collect your private information secretly and it is always kept save.

c. To provide the payment to our users, we use the third party and we do not take the responsibility for their privacy policy but we can make sure that we always do business with the reliable and responsible service provider of this sector.

d. We can share your information with the affiliate partners of our website and we can only do that if you signed-up for that service to ensure that you approve these partners to use your personal information for our business purpose.

e. You provide this information without any payment and we never pay for information. We also collect some information from the cookies to know your using sectors and browsers and we use this information for further improvement of our website.

The Use of Your Personal Information

  1. We use this information to verify your legal age and identity. You have to be over 18 to use our website and its services but if your region has higher age to use gambling website then you have to be over that age to use our website.
  2. We use this information to provide you email support.
  3. We provide customer service queries by using this information.
  4. We use the information to make the profile of our customers.
  5. This information is used to manage your personal account on our website.
  6. To precede all the financial data we use this information.
  7. Your information will be improved by using current and older information.
  8. We use the information to include the surveys.
  9. The information is used to analysis and research about the market.
  10. This information is used to send you offer about different promotions and bonuses.

f. Though, you are a customer of our website and we will inform about our newest offers, promotions and bonuses via email, mail or phone. If you want to unsubscribe about this offer then you can change your settings from the settings area of your account to avoid any mains from this purpose and this is really easy.

g. You have to read the terms and conditions while you are reading the privacy policy of our website and when you approve the I AGREE button then you are giving us the authority to use your personal information for our uses only according to our terms and conditions, and privacy policy. We usually update our privacy policy within every certain period so it will be better for you to check the privacy policy regularly. When we make the change to the privacy policy, we will attach the change on this webpage and you will get the changes on the page.